Our team working with your team
In the background, end-to-end services are there
so you can focus on using the software to achieve outstanding results

Professional Services: One Team OlaTech utilizes a “single team” model for all of the services (software and other) we provide to our clients. The team that interacts with the client during the pre-implementation, implementation, and training phases, is the team that responds - “Post Go-Live” - to the client's needs. No third-party implementers are involved.
Implementation: Agile/Iterative Because of the flexible nature of the in1touch platform, implementation occurs to allow requirements and solutions to evolve - in a short time period - through the collaboration of the OlaTech and client team. As lessons are learned, the in1touch architecture allows for "discoveries", "iterations" and "back-tracking". The end result is: quicker and cheaper set-up, adherence to budget, and fewer compromises along the way.

User-Centric Training Training is specific to each user's needs, their skill level, and their operational uniqueness. These factors are assessed and agreed on during the product selection. A learning agenda with a clear set of objectives and measurable outcomes is included in the project implementation charter. All training is provided by OlaTech certified trainers.
"Post Go Live"User/Application Support We work with you to design and then provide a unique support plan for each Client. The type of plan provided will vary depending on the type and frequency of requests expected, the size of the organisation, their staff skillset, and the complexity of their operations. Always included: quick response by knowledgeable, in-house support reps.

24/7 Software Maintenance Maintenance of the in1touch platform (data back-ups, software patches, and version up-grades) is performed by OlaTech throughout the life of the agreement as part of the license agreement. This is done without disrupting or modifying each of the unique set of business rules and business logic each of the clients have chosen. Our Tier III+ data centers provide the industry's highest level of reliability. We constantly monitor your system for utilization, capacity, security, and web traffic to proactively identify and resolve issues.